Due to COVID-19, there are important changes to voting in Allegheny County for the June 2 Primary Election. Learn about these changes below. 


Locate Your Polling Location

With the exception of the City of Pittsburgh, there is one polling place location per municipality. Within each location, there may be multiple polling places. Locations were selected to further the goal of physical distancing. Each location will also have parking and be accessible to people with disabilities. Each polling location will also have a ballot marking devices for ADA voter use (please see video at bottom of page). 


Vote on June 2

Polls are open from 7:00 am-8:00 pm. Voters are asked to wear face coverings inside polling places and to practice physical distancing.


Mark Your Ballot

Fill in the oval to the left of the name of your choice. You must darken the oval completely, and do not make any marks outside of the oval. You do not have to vote in every race.

Do not cross out or erase, or your vote may not count. If you make a mistake or a stray mark, ask for a new ballot from the poll workers. 

To write in a candidate, fill in the oval to the left of “Write-in” and print the name clearly on the line.

PLEASE NOTE: Stickers or labels for write-in candidates are now prohibited by law. You must write the candidate’s name on the paper ballots.


Insert Your Ballot

Insert your ballot in the designated ballot boxes located inside each polling location. If you need assistance, please see the nearest poll worker. Thank you for voting! 

Find your polling location

Instructional Video

Countdown Until Primary Election